Comprehensive Muscle Activity profiling (CMAP)

Comprehensive Muscle Activity profiling (CMAP)

Neuromuscular pain, injuries and loss of strength are routine complaints for many patients. Accurate diagnosis of these ailments can be difficult without having access to the right data.Finding the cause can involve a variety of tests, patient questioning and history.

Patients may have been through a variety of specialists from their family physician, to pain or orthopedist, physical therapist, chiropractor and even self assessment. Fine tuning the tools at any of these levels of physician can mean a quicker and accurate diagnosis for the patient and appropriate treatment.

Comprehensive Muscular Activity Profiling CMAP) aids in evaluation of neuromuscular problems and can be easily performed at the physician office level.

How Does It Work?

CMAP is a combination of hardware and software that captures information about the interactivity of muscles and nerves while a patient is in motion. The technology provides quantifiable data on neuromuscular activity while showing distinct patterns related to soft tissue injury pathology.

The tool provides an evidence-based assessment that complements a practitioner’s expertise as well as any other testing performed such as CT, MRI or X-ray. The testing is non-invasive by using a surface EMG which avoids the pain and discomfort of standard EMG assessment.

The testing measures

  • Isometric Functional Capacity using pinch and grip strengths, measures muscle fatigue and lift strength.
  • Range of Motion using a gyroscope dual inclinometer to detect relative motion between 2 points.
  • High Resolution Spatial Electromyography to assess the presence and type of muscle firing.

All collected data is securely submitted for analysis and interpretation by a state specific, board certified physician.

Protocols can be performed on all limbs, shoulders, the lumbosacral region and thorax. Each assessment takes 15 to 60 minutes dependent on the protocol required.

Offices receive a qualified technician who can come in for a scheduled half or full day to test their patients.

Patient Benefits

Enhanced quality of care with a non-invasive and non-loading evaluation without the need for needles or heavy lifting. Accurate assessment and diagnosis mean effective treatment plans can be implemented increasing recovery time and improving productivity.

Patient Benefits

Captures the activity and function of specific muscle and nerve groups providing accuracy and consistency with standardized testing protocols. These assessments are a valuable complement to other static tests including MRI, CT and Xray.

Options exist as a service based model where the technician and equipment are scheduled for a full or half day in office. Purchase of the equipment is also available for practices that anticipate a higher use of this service.

Workmans Compensation, Commercial and CMS all provide coverage for this testing with generous reimbursement.

How Do I Get Started?

AWV hand 4

1) Complete a practice evaluation to determine the demand for testing

2) Have an initial discussion with the vendor to assess required service level

3) Begin to identify patients and submit information

4) Patients are pre-authorized

5) Testing scheduled

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