Durable Medical Equipment

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Compliant, Convenient, and Hassle-Free DME Revenue Model

Make money selling DME for your clinic – not for your DME vendor.

We are proud to offer a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Dispensing solution that works with your practice to maximize patient convenience and compliance, while bringing in $5,000 to $10,000 of extra revenue per month, per provider, to your clinic.

We know that offering DME directly to your patients can be a great solution. Our model is extremely simple – nothing like the expensive, complicated processes seen in certain “stock and consignment” style vendors which minimize profitability and limit dispensing convenience.


Our turnkey solution is easy to implement and offers full technical, billing, and compliance support around the clock. Inventory is shipped out to you quickly, and you choose what and when you order, giving your practice total control over the DME dispensing process.

We want to be sure that you have the tools and the products you need to give your patients exceptional care, and we want to put those tools in your hands. After all, it is your practice, and your patients come to you – let’s offer them the best products for the best outcomes!

Make money for your clinic selling DME – not for your DME vendor

Maximize Clinical Outcomes

  • By offering Durable Medical Equipment, you work with the therapeutic pieces in-house, ensuring a custom fit for every patient and improving outcomes.
  • We offer products from dozens of the top DME manufacturers – use what you know and what works best for your clinic.
  • Direct contact with the physician through the fitting process increases patient loyalty and heightens the value your clinic provides. In turn, patient retention is heightened and the likelihood of using other ancillary services is increased.

Improve Patient Convenience

Save your patients a trip! Why send them across town (or even across the hall) when they can get everything they need right in your practice?


Increased Revenue and Profit for Your Practice

  • Increase profits $5,000-$10,000+ per month, per healthcare provider.
  • 100% Medicare compliant with higher average reimbursements.
  • Workers compensation & personal injury billing capabilities are provided.
  • Private insurance – all major plans are covered, both in-network and/or out-of-network.

Already Dispensing? Check Out the DME  Orthosport Difference

“Stock and bill” consignment solutions offer only a small percentage of total profits from each sale, and other solutions charge rental or monthly fees – working with our DME Revenue Program does neither. We offer total control over your own inventory and how you dispense it. Choose the equipment you want to provide and offer it at the price you choose.

Stay legally compliant and easily manage payers with our support.

Start-Up and Implementation

How Do I Get Started?

Begin by taking the time with your Certified Ancillary Consultant to fill out our utilization survey to get an accurate estimate of the revenue that your practice can generate based on your patient and payor mix. We will quickly return a Pro Forma to you that will provide projections for inventory and start-up.

There is a one-time Set Up Fee of $2,500 per site location that provides a comprehensive turn-key plan to help you develop, manage and maintain a profitable, successful and legally compliant DME program. This fee includes the following:

Medicare CMS License

  • We help you obtain a valid DME PTAN supplier number
  • Legal Compliance Program to meet all the Stark Act & AntiKickback Statute Guidelines (other consultants typically charge $5,000-$10,000)
  • Forms and processes critical for full compliance
  • Profit sharing guidelines among owners and partners
  • Processes to protect against spot audits and fraud implications

Billing & Collection System Set-Up

  • Electronic submission of your DME claims
  • Complete collection process of insurance claims
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Preauthorization guidelines, forms, and assistance
  • Guidelines, forms, and assistance for appeals

Practice Management System

  • Monthly Financial Analytical Reports
  • Collections Report
  • HCPC Procedure Productivity Report

Credentialing: Assistance with Commercial Payers Surgical & Non-Surgical Protocols Operational Forms, Policies & Procedures

  • Complete patient transactions
  • Provide legal compliance and fraud protection
  • Maximize profitability and minimize unnecessary taxes

Free Unlimited Consultation

1) Complete a utilization survey with your Certified Ancillary Consultant and receive a detailed Pro Forma.

2) Ensure legal compliance with our DME Revenue Model: we will be there every step of the way to set up billing and collections systems.

3) Work with us to optimize your space and inventory selections.

4) Your DME Revenue Program will set up your patient management system and consult with you on any last steps.

5) Begin to offer your patients DME straight from your practice, improving convenience and compliance while generating extra monthly revenue!



Patient and Physician Perspectives

Starting or switching your DME dispensing services and make a real difference to both your patients and your practice!

In just two to three months, Orthosport/DME has shown they are the best company in Durable Medical Equipment that I could have chosen to work with.”
E. Thompson, DC

Patients Love the Convenience

“My doctor offers the brace I needed in-house. I know that I’m using the best brace for me and it’s great to be able to get it all done in the same place. I don’t need to go online or to another store.”
– G. DeRose

Lasting Satisfaction

“Our practice was working on a stock and bill consignment plan. We made only 10% of the profits from the sale of the equipment, and then had monthly maintenance fees on top of that! DME Orthosport made it easy to switch; now we are in control of our own inventory and realize the maximum monthly revenue.”

– T. Kulp
 Practice Administrator

The Bottom Line

Your practice controls the amount of inventory you choose to carry, and we can make a truly accurate estimate with a completed utilization survey. From experience, we can reliably quote an increase in monthly revenue of $5,000-$15,000 per provider in a practice.

One example to illustrate this point:

  • 2 new patients per week (one knee brace and one TENS unit)
  • $1,240 reimbursement per patient
  • After $270 cost, profit is $975 per patient
  • At just 2 patients per week, your practice can see additional revenue of nearly $7,500 a month and $94,000 a year.

The only question left is:

How many new patients do you have that can benefit from a DME program in your clinic?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Our Vendor

Q: Can a doctor, clinic or Ambulatory Surgical Center legally dispense, bill and collect for DME products and services?

Yes – The government (via the Federal Register on 01/04/01) stated, “In the interest of patient convenience, we are using our regulatory authority under section 1877 (b) (4) of the Act to expand the in-office ancillary services exception to include certain DME…In so doing, we are concerned primarily with enabling the patient to depart from the physician’s office with DME products. We are withdrawing our proposal that physicians not mark up these items when provided in-office to their patients; we believe the current DME reimbursement provisions provide sufficient cost containment controls.”

Q: Billing – Who will handle the specialized and difficult process of billing for the DME products dispensed?

DME Orthosport, LLC is the industry expert in billing DME and handles the entire billing process, which includes billing of claims to the insurance companies, patient statements if a balance is due, and coordinates all appeals.

Q: What financial reports will I have access to in order to monitor the progress of my program?

You will be given 24/7 on-line access to numerous financial reports such as AR, Unresolved Claims, Utilization, Collections, and Profitability.

Q: Am I required to purchase DME products from Orthosport?

Yes – Orthosport, Inc. is a distributor for numerous manufacturers, and with the volume of business done nationwide, Orthosport is able to get special pricing for our clients. No bait and switch or low-ball pricing. And Orthosport, Inc. investigates and ensures codes are accurate and registered with the payers. It is all about quality products with appropriate codes at competitive prices. That is what Orthosport provides.

Q: How do I maximize my utilization of DME?

We will provide you Surgical Protocols & Non-Surgical Protocols of products used by physicians across the country.

Q: Who do I turn to if I have a question?

We provide free consultation that assists you with program launch, staff training, legal compliance, credentialing,
operational processes, clinical issues and product questions.

Q: Do you charge monthly management fees, mark up the costs of inventory, or require me to hire your staff?

No! There’s only a modest start-up cost and then a monthly billing fee based upon collections.