Physicians Hearing Network

Physicians Hearing Network

As many as 1 in 8 people are impacted by hearing loss and it is listed as the 3rd most prevalent condition in older Americans with nearly 50 million affected. Hearing loss can occur from a variety of reasons including chemotherapy, medications and diabetes. Additionally, low frequency hearing loss has been associated with risk of cardiovascular events and stroke.

  • 3 fold higher risk of falls
  • 21% of diabetics have hearing loss
  • Untreated hearing loss impacts cognitive function

Patients who suffer with hearing loss are more likely to experience social isolation, depression, memory loss and are at a higher risk of falls. Men from the age of 50 years old can begin to experience hearing loss and for women around 55 to 60 years of age.

Loss of hearing is gradual in its onset, so it is usually family and friends who are the first to notice. With the help of hearing aids, 95% of patients can regain their quality of life and live longer and more fully.

Your practice can offer free hearing screening for your patients and help improve the quality of life for those that are affected by hearing loss. Our solution is a full turnkey model that offers free hearing tests and affordable hearing aid options for patients. The practice benefits from increased revenue and integrated patient care.

How Does It Work?

  1. Hearing Network rents an exam room in your office one or more days per week and conducts free hearing evaluations.
  2. A licensed and insured Hearing Services Provider is placed in your practice.
  3. All equipment and hearing aid services are provided.
  4. Patients are referred by the practice for hearing testing.
  5. Results are shared with the practice.
  6. Patients are offered the latest in technology in hearing aids. Pricing starts from $1,000 to the patient.
  7. Room rental equates to $10,000 per year in revenue for each day a week the practice utilizes the service.
Physicians Hearing Network

Practice Benefits

  • No expense to the practice
  • No disruption to the practice
  • Higher patient retention
  • Turnkey solution
  • Additional guaranteed income

Patient Benefits

  • Convenience of one stop hearing health
  • Reduce overall cost of care
  • Increased trust
  • Overall improved quality of life
  • Early detection

This is a quick to implement solution that will have your practice positioned to better care for your older patients with proactive screening and detection. With early treatment, 95% of patients will have their quality of life improved. To find out more about hearing services and see if this solution is good for your practice, complete the form below.