Retail Pharmacy

Chronic Care Management

Retail Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy offers a full solution for practices to introduce a complete medication solution for their patients. Offering pharmacy in your practice provides convenience to your patients. As many as 50% of patients fail to follow their doctor’s advice when it comes to their medication. A significant portion of that percentage is patients that fail to get their prescriptions filled.

Lack of adherence to medications means poorer outcomes. Many medications are prescribed for chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Lack of compliance means patients get sicker, have more complications and have higher mortality rates.

How Does It Work?

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This model is best suited to multiple providers that see 3,000 or more prescriptions per month or where a significant number of high value items are dispensed. The pharmacy can be set up in the same building or in a separate location which allows the public to access the pharmacy.

Full implementation of the pharmacy is provided allowing the physician to continue seeing patients, knowing that the pharmacy build is in the hands of experts. A pharmacist and operations manager are recruited, and the complete service covers pre-authorizations, payments, collections, billing and formulary optimization.

Suitability is first determined via a one page proforma. Once suitability is determined, all hiring, licenses and registration, process and implementation are taken care of with monthly audits and analysis performed for optimization.

All PBMS are in network and Medicare claims handled.

Benefits to the Patient

  • Better management of patient compliance
  • Convenience
  • Improved loyalty and satisfaction
  • Patient needs are better understood

Benefits to the Practice

  • Turn Key program with set up, training and management provided
  • All licensing and registration handled
  • All reporting and staffing provided
  • Insurance negotiations
  • Minimal overheads
  • Generate new revenue and profitability

How Do I Get Started?

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1) Complete the one page proforma

2) Receive report and projection

3) Webinar based discussion

4) Determine site

5) Let your Pharmacy Business Solution do the work

In Summary

Retail Pharmacy provides a profitable solution for physicians without a need to change current work flow practices while improving patient medication compliance and convenience. To find out more complete the form below and note your interest.