Biowave PENS

The opioid crisis is causing physicians to seek alternate pain treatments that help the patient and reduce the physician’s exposure to liability. More than 115 Americans die every day after overdosing on opioids, many of these are prescription based. In addition, 2 million Americans have substance abuse disorders related to prescription medication. One in four patients prescribed an opioid, will misuse them with about 10% developing an opioid abuse disorder.

Current pain treatments are often lacking in providing complete pain relief to chronic pain sufferers. Also, not all pain sufferers seek systemic medications.

The Biowave PENS provides a safe non-medicinal adjunct or alternative to pain patients. This device is currently utilized in VA Medical Centers including Pain, Primary Care and Trauma Centers.

Biowave PENS has had a high level of success with over 80% of patients responding well to Biowave treatment. Patients frequently report a reduction in their pain scores of 50 to 75% and the device provides instant and up to 24 hours of relief. This has seen a reduction in opioid treatments in these patients.

The Biowave PENS provides a choice for physicians to provide a non-pharmacological treatment option for their pain patients. This device uses neurostimulators with high frequency electrical signals that pass through the skin and directly to the nerves. This signal can block all pain signals.

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Benefits to the Practice

  • High rate of success
  • Substantial reduction in pain scores

  • Instant and long-lasting pain relief – home units available
  • Reduced opioid use
  • Additional revenue stream

How it differs to TENS

TENS units emit low frequency signals to affect the nerve fibers. Penetration to deeper tissues is not possible due to the high impedance of skin and therefore only impacts the patient at a surface level. The PENS unit uses higher frequency signals between two noninvasive electrodes. These signals penetrate deeper into the tissue directly affecting the nociceptive pain fibers and muscle tissue.

How it works

  • Patients will typically be in a sitting position for the 30 minute treatment.
  • The device is simple to use and takes just 2 minutes to set up.
  • The patient is hooked up to the device with 2 electrodes.

  • The patient controls their own comfort level.

  • Software prevents patients from increasing the intensity too high.

  • Treatment is very comfortable meaning excellent patient compliance.

The treatment affects the C-fibers, A-delta fibers and muscle tissue, increasing blood flow to manage pain and aid mobility. Practices can do a 90 day trial with a device in the clinical setting. At home treatments are also available for suitable patients.

Treatments can be used with athletes to speed up recovery as the patient experiences improved mobility as well as pain management simultaneously. The device can be used on an appendage or torso. Home units are available for patients to purchase and are covered by some insurances or workmans compensation.

Medicare, PPO and workers compensation typically cover the cost of the treatment at around $300 to $400 providing an additional revenue stream and effective pain relief for patients.

How to get started

1)Your office will be trained to aid practice integration.

2) Training is provided on the device and patient selection.

3) Use the Biowaveas a trial 30 to 90 days to see results on a variety of patients.

4) In office support is provided for insurance eligibility, coding guides and claim denials.

5)Offer in home units for suitable patients.

6)Marketing materials provided.


The Biowave PENS, provides a safe and effective treatment alternative to oral medications for pain sufferers and injured athletes. The device simultaneously improves mobility and pain relief at a deep tissue level. Practices can benefit from the high patient acceptance and additional revenue.

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