Diabetic Diagnostic Toolkit

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Diabetic Diagnostic Toolkit

This is an expanding portfolio of services that helps the physician with early detection and assessment of complications associated with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Early detection and assessment is the most powerful tool a physician has in helping improve patient outcomes.

As many as 25% of patients newly diagnosed with diabetes have some level of nerve damage already. Due to its insidious nature, neuropathies are often diagnosed at the point of significant nerve death leaving little in the way of treatment options other than proactive prevention of complications.

Tools that currently are part of our toolkit include:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy Device
  • Coming soon – Retinal Screening system

This toolkit is designed to arm the physician with sensitive, accurate and objective tools that can be used quickly and easily while providing a good return on investment.

Diabetic Neuropathy Device

This tool is a simple hand held device that will fast become a vital tool in assessing patients for loss of sensation in their extremities. This tool can be used for initial diagnosis as part of an office visit then used every six months as part of a foot care exam with a separate billing code.

The device assesses both small and large nerve fibers with its 2 sensing modes of vibration and temperature. Each mode has different levels of intensity to allow an accurate and reproducible assessment. The nodes are placed at key points on the patient foot, using increased intensity until a sensation is felt.

This assessment provides better insight into the severity of a patient’s loss of sensation, over and above using the outdated monofilament or tuning fork assessment.

This tool is invaluable for any practice dealing with diabetic patients and those with other chronic conditions such as hypertension. Podiatrists particularly will value the usefulness of this device.


The cause of peripheral disease can be difficult to determine without the use of diagnostic tools such as an ABI. Our device uses new technology with Bluetooth making it easy to setup the patient and comfortable. The test can be performed in as little as 2 minutes and provides a useful diagnostic aid for disease progression and improvements.

The measurement is made via Pulse Volume Plethysmography using the most up to date sensors utilizing a high degree of specificity. The set up is easy for any trained person to perform with cuffs displaying correct placement.

Results are reproducible. Any incorrect placement will alert the operator to make an adjustment ensuring that the results are accurate every time.


Retinopathy Scanner

Coming soon – a Retinal based imaging system that provides high definition photos and videos of the retina using an iPhone.


Heart rate variability is a key indicator of patient health and wellbeing as well as aiding detection of cardiac neuropathy and stress.

How It Works

Select the tool(s) that represent the most value to your practice. This portfolio of tools can be used to screen, diagnose and assess patients quickly and simply. Each has proven reimbursable codes, billable multiple times a year.

This expanding portfolio of products will position your practice to be proactive in diabetes management and better help you manage patient treatment, awareness and outcomes. Each tool is quick and simple to use and reimbursable while helping bolster Quality Use Measures.

How Do I Get Started?

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1) Determine the best tools for your practice

2) Financing is available if needed

3) Work with your rep to access your training

4) Begin screening and assessing patients

Products are bundled to provide unsurpassed value and ROI. To find out more on this toolkit, complete the form below to register your interest.