Diabetic Neuropathy Device

The Diabetic Neuropathy Device (DND) aids in objective assessment in patients at risk or suffering from neuropathy. Diabetes is a major contributor to the development of neuropathy with as many as 25% of newly diagnosed diabetics having some level of neuropathy. As the condition progresses, over 50% of people with diabetes have some form of nerve disease

Complications associated with neuropathy include loss of sensation resulting in falls and foot ulcers that can ultimately lead to amputation. Complications are costly and can significantly impact the quality of life for the patient.

In the primary care setting, testing until now has been subjective. The use of the tuning fork and monofilament methods have been the preferred methods of assessment, leaving judgement to determine the severity of the condition.

The DND provides a 5 level tuning fork assessment for measurement of the large fiber nerves and a temperature sensitivity assessment for the small nerve fibers. It is a small hand-held device, that is non invasive and comfortable for the patient.

The device is useful for assessment of peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel, radiculopathy, falls risk and pre and post-operative nerve release procedures.

The device is billable on a wellness G code associated with initial or follow up assessment of neuropathy. The DND is a valuable tool for any primary care or internal medicine practice and for podiatry.

Practice Benefits

  • Quick and objective assessment of peripheral neuropathy
  • Non invasive and no disposables
  • Improve MACRA and MIPS scoring
  • Early detection to enable patient treatment and awareness
  • Billable G code for added revenue
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with more comprehensive nervous system testing

How it works?

Any patient that is at risk for neuropathy can be quickly and easily assessed within 3 minutes. This test replaces the traditional tuning fork or monofilament tests. Identify patients with insulin resistance or signs of neuropathy and test to enable early detection. Patients testing positive for impairment can be further tested with ANS testing equipment. Conversely, patients identified with ANS dysfunction can be tested further with the DND to help confirm the level of impairment.

Start Up and Implementation

The device is relatively inexpensive compared to other ANS testing equipment.

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The Diabetic Neuropathy Device gives primary care physicians and podiatrists an objective assessment of neuropathy for their at risk patients. The device quickly and comfortably tests the patients and assists in meeting Quality Measures for MACRA and MIPS. As peripheral neuropathy is the leading cause for loss of sensation, early detection can increase awareness for the patient and increase proactive care.