Medical Transcription and Virtual Scribe

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Medical Transcription and Virtual Scribe

One of the least interesting aspects of being a physician is documentation. Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act, Electronic Records and Quality Use Measures, this burden has only continued to increase. Recording of actions and outcomes are also now intrinsically linked to the reimbursements a physician gets. Failure to maintain complete and accurate records could lead to a decline in reimbursement for already time poor doctors.

We have a multi-faceted solution to alleviate the burden of documentation with our options for medical transcription.

How Does It Work?

The physician can select from our 2 different options. Both options reduce the time required by the physician to collate notes, giving you back time to either see more patients or improve your quality of life.

Medical Transcription

This option is where the physician records their findings into an app on their phone or computer. The recording is made at the end of the patient consultation. The transcription is sent for recording into the EMR and can be formatted using any standard templates that the practice currently uses.

The reporting is available by 9am the following day but faster turnaround times are available. The service is fully HIPAA compliant with 256 – Bit Encryption and integrated to provide unlimited secure storage. The upload into the EMR can be customized to the practice requirements.

Accuracy is 99% and available for any medical specialty. The service is low cost and efficient and suitable for new or seasoned practitioners.

Virtual Medical Scribe

You can have a full-time medical scribe remote from your practice. This solution provides you real time access to your virtual scribe during a patient consultation. The scribe listens in and makes notes in real time for the physician. Video is available if desired. At the end of the consultation, the scribe has the notes prepared and the physician can immediately oversee the notes, make any adjustments and sign off. Coding can be provided in addition to notes for added efficiency.

Our Virtual Medical Scribe service optimizes your day to day operations and workflow by reassigning critical tasks such as administrative work for EMR management, and accurately pulling up correct patient records like lab results and historical records. Your scribe will ensure your EMR is well organized and accurate and we provide professional scribes who are experienced in your specialty.

Utilizing a service for managing documentation is a simple addition for any physician looking to gain quality time back that can be used to grow the business further or provide more free time for yourself.

Practice Benefits

Enjoy the reduced stress and headaches from a lower documentation burden with the peace of mind that your notes are being compiled with precision and professionalism. Your practice can benefit from your ability to see up to 2 to 4 more patients per day with the time saved or help you get home in time for dinner.

The time saved, more than covers the expense of the service and is surprisingly affordable.

How To Get Started

1) Complete the questionnaire to determine your service level requirement

2) Share any standard templates your practice uses

3) Provide limited EMR access for uploading of notes

4) Install the app or utilize the call in number

5) You can enjoy a free trial period first to ensure satisfaction

To find out more on how to put more time back in your day, connect with us below.