Patient Financing


Patient Financing That Simply Works

A financing solution that works for you – not the other way around.

Our goal is to offer a turnkey resource for Health Care Providers seeking a financial plan for their patients who need a means for payment of services. We have partnered with a reputable and flexible credit provider to present a best-in-class financing
system that truly works for you and your patients.

By combining a loan processing technology platform with a team of dedicated Professional Finance Managers, MD Credit will operate as your back office Finance Department.

With this format, your clinic can submit an application by phone or through the web site. The finance paperwork will be received by your assigned Finance Manager and you will then be sent an immediate “pre-determination”. Next, your request will go to every possible lender, and within 15 minutes, you will get the response(s) back.

When approved and closed, you will be paid 100% of your fee, with no chance of recourse!

My patients have more options and my revenue has nearly doubled since more patients are approved.”
– D. Newman, MD


Stop Paying High Lender Fees!

We have one basic philosophy as it relates to fees: Why should a health care provider have to pay a fee to a finance company for a patient who needs a loan to pay for their services?

We offer…

  • No Enrollment Fees!
  • No Monthly Fees While Your Account is Active!
  • 100% Pay-out on every closing!

We maintain a stand-ready staff specific to your account. To fully utilize this we request that your practice process a minimum of one loan a month through our system in order to keep your account Active.

The bottom line is simple: You quote your best cash price for services, and submit an application. We then process the application and send you an approval with a 100% pay-out of that price.

Patients Always Get The Best Rate & Terms

MD Credit does not benefit financially based on the Interest Rate or Terms! That puts your patient finance partner on your side and the side of your patients.

We are often asked what are the Interest Rates and Terms a patient will be offered by the lenders. That answer is simple; they will get the best deal for which they qualify!

Our Vendors Offer Two Kinds of Loans

1) Revolving lines of credit: Rates ranging from 5.9% to 27.9%. However, they usually offer 0% introductory terms for up to 18 months. The standard Care Credit deal is a widely used example of this.

2) Fixed Installment Contracts: Most installment contracts have shorter terms (up to 48 months) with a fixed interest rate no higher than 18% and as low as 8%.


Start-up And Implementation


How Do I Get Started?

MD Credit patient financing has created a simple, turn-key system that is as easy to set up and use for your practice as it is for your patients. Just fill out the simple one page enrollment form and you will have a dedicated Finance Manager on the line. The
application is entirely online (nothing to download or install) and your patient will have a list of potential lenders within minutes.

Simple One Page Application

Your patients need care and our finance solution works with them to find the best possible loan. Generous Interest Rates and No-Interest Introductory Terms allow for great flexibility. Your patients can rest easy knowing they have secured the best terms available to pay for
their healthcare.

With a 655 credit score I had been turned down for financing by other companies and could not get the treatment I needed so badly.”
 – A. Doner

1) 1) Fill out the practice enrollment form online or on paper. Submit, scan, fax or hand it off to your local Certified Ancillary Consultant.

2) Your dedicated Finance Manager will be in touch with you to set up your practice’s web portal

3) Log in to the web portal and peruse the introductory information. Ask any questions you need to.

4) Begin to offer your patients a patient financing option with a high approval rate and the power to choose!

5) Enjoy the benefits of treating more patients and receiving 100% of the revenue your practice generates!

Facts & Figures

Market Overview

In today’s market, patients are confronted by higher out of pocket costs for medical treatments. Many patients are opting to finance their care through other financing companies, but with stringent credit guidelines those with less than perfect credit often will not
qualify for financing. We have the solution to this dilemma by offering a financing option which will help the doctor retain those patients who would normally be lost due to a lower credit score.

This plan allows the provider to offer his or her patients diverse and affordable funding options.

How MD Credit Stacks Up

MD Credit SolutionsOther Patient Financing Options
100% pay for services80-90% pay for services
Financing for patients with credit scores down to 630Financing for patients with credit scores down to 730
Dedicated Finance Manager for all accountsAn automated system
Multiple lenders compete for your patients’ businessA single lender offering limited options
No up-front cost to the providerProvider pays a fee for patient financing

The Bottom Line

Each practice is different and we will sit down with you for a focused consultation. To see just how much your practice can be making in additional revenue:

Consider the last 15 patients that went unapproved for financing or simply could not afford treatment. How much revenue did your practice miss out on?

For each treatment that a patient received financing for, how much did your practice have to pay for their financing?

Add those numbers together and if you would like to see that revenue added to your practice – give us a call.