Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing

Being busy in your practice doesn’t translate to a profitable practice. Inefficiencies are created when insufficient high value patients are drawn to a practice. With the evolvement of MACRA and MIPS scoring, finding patients that want to follow through with their care is increasingly important.

With our doctor referral program, you can have quality patients driven to your practice, that follow through with their healthcare plans and make your practice more profitable.

Physicians and your staff are too busy working within your business to dedicate time to effective marketing. When marketing is done, it can be oftentimes be done in an unstructured and unmeasurable way.

Our Referral solution provides marketing that works and gives you the analytics, so you have peace of mind knowing that your dollar is well spent.

How Does It Work?

Several options exist for patient referral marketing. The level you choose is based on your practice needs, resources and budget.

Our program recruits a variety of tools including a professional liaison team to a platform of analytics and reports that lets you know the opportunities and your results.

Referral Insurance Package

This option provides security and enhancement for your established relationships and safeguards them from being eroded by competitors. This is a purely virtual option that utilizes a variety of tools to help establish and build your practice utilizing an in-office champion to drive the program.

Your referral network can be customized with:

  • local professionals including doctors, attorneys and employers,
  • lectures
  • open houses
  • further add-ons and enhancements.

The Referral Development and Insurance Package

This option is designed to drive growth to your practice. This program is about maintaining a strong referral system and we look for new opportunities to market your practice within the network.

Ideal for expanding practices that are opening new offices, adding a new provider or to grow an existing practice. The package can include anything included in the Referral Insurance Package.

Health Systems, Franchises, Associations and more.

A thorough examination is performed of your current business with data analysis. Relationships are optimized from there for growth, quality and effectiveness. This program is tailored to match your business goals and budget.

Referral Consulting

You can also become part of our expanding referral network which integrates your practice into this proven system providing you full training and support as well as access, licensing and exclusivity.

Practice Benefits

Grow your practice with high value clients that follow through on their health care initiatives and improve outcomes. High value clients, grow a practice’s profitability and saves you time in building and fostering your referral relations.

What others say

‘Our group generated an over $300,000 in revenue in services by their efforts alone’

‘Has saved us time and money. We are still able to meet with our referral sources if we choose but all the legwork has been done for us. I can’t say enough about what an asset this has been to our practice.’

How Do I Get Started?

AWV hand 4

1) Complete a practice evaluation

2) Schedule a 15 minute call

3) Decide on the package and budget for your practice

4) Start getting referrals

To find out more, contact us on the form below and let us know your interest in this solution.