Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

BioIdentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone therapy provides a consistent and easy option for hormone replacement treatments (HRT). HRT is a thriving industry as hormonal imbalances are being found to be the cause of many nonspecific symptoms associated with advancing age. Millions of Americans suffer from hormone imbalance. Baby boomers and younger are not ready to acquiesce to the feelings of fatigue, diminished sex drive and emotional imbalance often associated with lower hormone levels.

Bioidentical hormones provide a balanced option for patients with each pellet insertion working for two to six months or longer. Hormone pellets are 100% bioidentical to testosterone and estradiol, providing a consistent and convenient dose of hormones that avoids the peaks and troughs experienced with oral or injection treatments. Many patients find just 3 treatments a year keep them feeling younger and more energetic.

How Does It Work?

Patients firstly complete a checklist to determine if they are experiencing any symptoms that may be associated with low hormone levels. Hormone levels are initially measured via a blood test to determine if they are low and if the patient would benefit from treatment. This test will also determine the strength of hormones needed and a suitable strength pellet is then inserted into the patient via a small incision and placed just beneath the skin.

The constant dosing from the pellet means the patient doesn’t experience mood and metabolism fluctuations that can occur with alternate treatments.

Physicians are fully trained on the process, typically onsite in Texas. Checklists are used with your existing patients to begin identifying potential candidates. Physicians can set aside a set time each week or month for insertions. The cost of the pellets to the practice is based on volume and provides a good source of additional revenue. Pellet treatment is typically cash pay. Due to the length of treatment efficacy, bioidentical hormones provide patients a cost-effective alternate to other HRT options.

Costs to get started are minimal with an initial inventory also provided to the practice.

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women

Pellets have been shown to be highly effective for relief of menopausal symptoms, maintenance of bone density, improved sleep patterns and relief from depression, anxiety, mood swings and diminished sex drive.

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men

Men in their early 30’s can experience a decline in testosterone. Symptoms of low testosterone can include fatigue, lack of mental clarity, reduced libido and sexual function. Pellet therapy has been shown to be an effective alternate to injections and vastly improves compliance with reinsertions needed usually only every 4 to 5 months.